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Rhett and Scarlett

May 2009

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laura_butler in gwtw_references

I little reference that I've found

I'm reading Teacher Man by Frank Mc Court for DE (written discourse class) I found a GWTW reference which It's kite funny ^^

"...Besides, you could never talk back to a movie mother played by one of those old Irish actresses, Sarah Allgood or Una O'Connor, with their sharp tongues and their suffering faces. Your own mother had a powerful hurt look, too, but there's nothing like seeing it on the big screen in black and white or living color.

Your father could be played by Clark Gable except that a) he might not be able to handle your father's North of Ireland accent and b) it would be a terrible comedown from Gone With the Wind, which, you remember, was banned in Ireland because, it is said, Rhett Butler carried his own wife, Scarlett, up the stairs and into bed, which upset the film censors in Dublin and caused them to ban the film entirely. No, you'd need someone else as your father because the Irish censors would be watching closely and you'd be badly disappointed if the people in Limerick, your city, and the rest of Ireland were denied the opportunity of seeing the story of your miserable childhood and subsequent triumph as teacher and movie star." Quote from the prologue of the book

It's a really interesting book ... especially if you are a teacher or you are studying to become one (like me). He writes about his teaching career.